Asian American Pastor: Daniel K. Eng

Grace, race, and the Kingdom of God


Here is a growing list of links to helpful blog posts, documents, and videos. Note that the content is not mine:


Two Views Regarding Ethnic Specific and Multi-Ethnic Fellowships
by Collin Tomikawa and Sandy Schaupp

Six Postures of Minority Culture
Cru Press

Five Majority Culture Postures toward Ethnic Minority Ministries
Blog post here.
Cru Press

Biblical Principles For Contextualized Ministry : “Why do you segregate your students?”
by Dave Lowe, Cru

Ethnic Specific Ministry: A Different Lens 
by Collin Tadao Tomikawa

Small Groups in Asian-American Culture
by Nancy Sugikawa

Chart: Asian American Evangelical History


Blog Posts and Articles:

One Surprising Reason We Value Ethnic Specific Ministry
by Steve Tamayo

Four Misconceptions of Ethnic Specific Ministry
by Orlando Crespo

Is Your Ministry Ethnocentric or Ethnic-Specific? 
by Linson Daniel

Pre-Marital Counseling Asian-American Style, Part One   Part Two  Part Three
by Benjamin Shin

Recovering an Asian Perspective of Grace
by Jackson Wu

Preaching in a Multicultural World
by Daniel L. Wong

4 Keys to Evangelism in Honor-Shame Cultures
by Jackson Wu

Epic Movement: Discovering Culture, Identity, and Mission
by Larry Tu

Why Ethnic Specific Ministries?
with Tommy Dyo

Joseph Wong: Fellowship for American Christian Evangelicals (FACE)

Filial Piety: A Christian Perspective

In the News:

New York’s Korean Congregations Thrive

Asian American Ministry Leaders Convene to ‘Envision’ the Future Together

Asian American Christians face tough choice between mom and God

Culture and Christianity: Bridging the Generational Gap


“Ethnicity Matters” with James Choung

“Asian Americans in the Church will double by 2040” –with DJ Chuang

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