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Grace, race, and the Kingdom of God


Here is a curated list of links to helpful blog posts, documents, and videos that can build conversations.
Please note: The content is not mine, and the presence of these links here does not imply my endorsement of everything these authors espouse.

Ministering to Asian Americans

Reversing the Generational Exodus  Hanley Liu, SOLA Network

Unintentional Invisibility  Peter Lim, SOLA Network

Closing the Cultural Gap, Heidi Tai

The Upside of Shame: How to Minister to People Motivated by Shame   Christianity Today

Why Are Collegians Leaving Their Home Churches?  Justin Wong, SOLA Network

Silent Exodus: Asian American Christians Leaving Churches   DJ Chuang

Small Groups in Asian-American Culture  Nancy Sugikawa

Pre-Marital Counseling Asian-American Style, Part One   Part Two  Part Three
  Benjamin Shin

Culture and Christianity: Bridging the Generational Gap  A report about the 2016 Asian American Ministry Conference

Asian American Ministry Leaders Convene to ‘Envision’ the Future Together  A report about the 2016 Asian American Ministry Conference

Seeing Through New Eyes  Jonathan Ng, Inheritance Magazine
Every time he stood in front of a mirror and saw a scrawny Asian kid staring back at him, he felt shame.

Asian American Christians face tough choice between mom and God   The Seattle Globalist

On Being Loved: A Theological Reflection on Identity in the Midst of Mental Illness Serena Lee, Apostolic Paradigm
“I have often wondered if my Asian American culture caused my mental health issues.”

What It’s Like Explaining Depression To Your Asian Parents  Susan Cheng, Buzzfeed
“Many Asian parents tend to practice tough love — but that makes it so much harder for someone struggling with depression.”

Children of “tiger parents” develop more aggression and depression, research shows CBS News

Here’s What It’s Like To Love Parents Who Speak Broken English  Michelle No, Buzzfeed

Three Parenting Questions for Danny Kwon  Fuller Youth Institute
“What trends do you see in the ways Korean-American families are living out their faith these days?”

Silent Exodus: Can the East Asian church in America reverse the flight of its next generation?  This is the watershed article from 1996 by Helen Lee in Christianity Today.

Silent Exodus  recap of a talk given by Joshua Kang

The Boomerang Effect  Helen Lee Christianity Today.
2014 follow-up to her 1996 article.
“The generation of the ‘silent exodus’ has now started coming back.”

Cultivating Lasting Faith with Asian Teenagers  by Mike Park,  Fuller Youth Institute

Rediscovering Grace: Challenges and Opportunities in Asian Youth Ministry   by Mike Park, Fuller Youth Institute

The Silent Exodus Of Syrian Christians And The Next Generation From The Indian Immigrant Churches In North America  Sam George

Keeping (and Losing) Faith, the Asian American Way  Jerry Z. Park and Joshua Tom

Thanking Our Immigrant Parents
“How Master of None points to the joy, not the guilt, of Honor your father and mother.”

Does InterVarsity Reach “Too Many Asians?”  InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Multiethnic Ministries blog

“Over the past couple decades, several InterVarsity groups across the country have transitioned to being majority Asian American fellowships.”

Asian American Churches

Use the Immigrant-Started Church  Hannah Chao, SOLA Network
The answer to Tim Keller’s question, “How Do We Reach a Global Generation?”

Finding The Way Christianity Daily
“Separated by language, the two churches represent the divide between first and second generation immigrants, and what may work for the first generation doesn’t always translate to the second.”

5 Predictions on the Future Asian American Church Steve Bang Lee

Has the Second-Generation Korean-American Church Failed Us?  Tom Talks

Asian American ministry vs. Non-ethnic specific ministry   anonymousjlee

At a New York Church, Korean and English Ministries Sing Together for the Cause of Missions Christianity Daily

7 Issues in the Chinese American Church Andrew Ong

Understanding Korean-American Churches  The Presbyterian Outlook

Reflections on Chinese Missions Convention 2016 and the Chinese Evangelical Church  Faith Chang

New York’s Korean Congregations Thrive  NY City Lens

O.C. exports Asian American churches to the world  with DJ Chuang, OC Register

The Many Models of the Asian American Church  Helen Lee, Christianity Today

Where is the Asian American Church During Tumultuous Times?   Inheritance Magazine

Interview with Oriental Mission Church: The Need for a Mutual Understanding  Christianity Daily

Korean American Churches: From generation to generation   Joan Huyser-Honig  Calvin Institute of Christian Worship 


Asian American Church History

A Little Tokyo church finds the answer to its prayers  Los Angeles Times
a feature about the history of Union Church of Los Angeles

Joseph Wong: Fellowship for American Christian Evangelicals (FACE)


Asian/Asian American Theology

‘All Theology Is Born Out of Contextual Struggles and Questions’  Christianity Daily
G2G-KODIA Hosts Forum on Contextual Theology

Recovering an Asian Perspective of Grace  Jackson Wu


Ethnic-Specific Ministries

Surviving and thriving the Asian church?  Ying Yee

The Legitimacy of Ethnic Churches in Multi-Ethnic Contexts  Andrew Ong
“Three realities that point to the legitimacy of ethnic churches in multi-ethnic contexts.”

Ethnic Churches in America: A Conversation  A conversation between Andrew Ong, Clark Fobes, and me.
“Are ethnic churches biblically unfaithful?”

Interview with Pastor Steve Chang: “Churches Should Be Encouraged by Their Strengths”  Christianity Daily

Biblical Principles For Contextualized Ministry Dave Lowe, Cru
“Why do you segregate your students?”

Two Views Regarding Ethnic Specific and Multi-Ethnic Fellowships  Collin Tomikawa and Sandy Schaupp, InterVarsity

Ethnic Specific Ministry: A Different Lens   Collin Tadao Tomikawa, InterVarsity

One Surprising Reason We Value Ethnic Specific Ministry  Steve Tamayo, InterVarsity

Four Misconceptions of Ethnic Specific Ministry  Orlando Crespo, InterVarsity

Is Your Ministry Ethnocentric or Ethnic-Specific?  Linson Daniel, InterVarsity

Epic Movement: Discovering Culture, Identity, and Mission  Larry Tu, Cru

Why Ethnic Specific Ministries? with Tommy Dyo, Cru


Asian Americans and the Church at Large

The Future of the Asian American Church: A Conversation, Ben Pun, SOLA Network

How Asian Americans Can Gain a Voice in the Conversation Ray Chang

Familiar Foreigners: Asian-Americans and White Majority Culture Churches  Young-Sam Won

How can Asian-Americans Recognize and Help Dismantle Racism to Better Advance the Gospel?  Harold Kim

“Where Are You Really From?”  with Mike Tong, Desiring God

Stick Out. Resist. Not Your Model Minority.  Laura Mariko Cheifetz  Inheritance Magazine
“Being Asian American is awesome. (I said that to a white church group recently.)”

Being Asian American in a White Church   Tim Chiang, 9Marks

Why we need Asian Americans to be Asian Americans  DJ Chuang, Orange Asian Man

Asian-Americans called to be ‘All In’  Biblical Recorder
report on the WORD Conference for Asian-American church leaders

Asian Americans: Silent No More  Helen Lee, Christianity Today
“Asian American Christians are growing in influence and audience. Will they be embraced by their broader church family?”

9 Things About Asian American Christianity  with DJ Chuang and Ed Stetzer
“Asian Americans are accelerating in their role in participating and shaping the future of the American church at large.”

Eugene Cho Leads the Quest for a Reconciled Church  Christianity Today
“The Seattle pastor believes Asian Americans need to speak out about race in America.”

InterVarsity’s Plan for a Culturally Diverse Staff  Christianity Today
The campus ministry has pioneered intentional, personalized training for Asian American leaders.”

A Journey on the Margins: Reflections of a Korean- American Presbyterian  Julius Kim,  Modern Reformation

Confusions Abounding: Asian Americans cannot be pigeonholed  Mark Galli

Why Evangelicals Don’t Know Asian Americans  with DJ Chuang and Ed Stetzer
We have quite a way to go towards ending racial stereotyping in Christendom

‘Stop Stereotyping Us,’ Demand Distressed Asian American Evangelical Leaders  Christianity Today
“After Rick Warren and Exponential jokes go awry, more than 80 leaders explain why they are ‘weary, hurt, and disillusioned.”


The Asian American Experience

Why We Struggle to Say ‘I Love You’  Viet Thanh Nguyen, New York Times
“For many Asian-Americans, the phrase belongs to the wonderful world of white people we see in the movies and on television.”

Hollywood Dreams and Orientalized Imaginations Russell Jeung, Inheritance Magazine
“Orientalism paints Asian Americans as perpetual foreigners because of our “Oriental” physical features. This racialization as outsiders clearly has consequences on our daily, lived experiences. Incidents of orientalized, outsider racialization include seemingly innocuous slights, but these microaggressions add up.”

They really did come from nothing, Heidi Tai on her family history

After 50 years of ‘Asian American,’ advocates say the term is ‘more essential than ever’ NBC News

Where ‘Asian-American’ came from  Jeff Yang,

On Being a Brown Asian: Expanding the Boundaries of Asian America

Report finds U.S.-born Asian Americans report more discrimination than immigrants  NBC News

A Chinese-Canadian to his parents: ‘Privately, I yearned for your love’  MacLean’s
“Growing up, actor Simu Liu constantly fought with his immigrant parents. Now, he sees through their eyes—and pays tribute to them.”

Constance Wu Opens Up About Asian Stereotypes in Hollywood  Allure

The High Cost of the Model Minority Myth for Asian and Pacific Islander Americans  Tracy Lam, Jonathan Hui  Kennedy School Review

The Asian disadvantage (that’s being ignored)  CNNMoney
For some Asian Americans, it’s a familiar yet troubling story.

There Are Fewer Asian Americans Than You Might Think  Frank H. Wu, Huffington Post
While detractors claim that “Asian American” divides, they fail to appreciate how it unites.

For Many Asian Students, Education is About Reputation  Alia Wong, The Atlantic
For Asians, Attending a Top School is Worth the Struggle

“Go back to China…go back to your f—ing country.”  Michael Luo
An Open Letter to the Woman Who Told My Family to Go Back to China  New York Times

Why Aren’t There More Asian-American Leaders?  Susan Adams, Forbes

The untold story of Chinese restaurants in America  Heather R. Lee, Scholars Strategy Network

New Chinese Immigrants Are Different From Chinese Americans And Proud Of It  Rupert Li, Huffington Post

Asian Americans: A Diverse and Growing Population  Pew Research Center

Paper Tigers  Wesley Yang, New York Magazine
What happens to all the Asian-American overachievers when the test-taking ends?

The model minority is losing patience   The Economist
“Asian-Americans are the United States’ most successful minority, but they are complaining ever more vigorously about discrimination, especially in academia”


Asian American Theologians and Ministry Leaders

A List of Asian American Theologians  from DJ Chuang

A List of Influential Chinese-American Christian Leaders from DJ Chuang

Asian American Christian Equippers  sponsored by Talbot School of Theology


Asian Americans and Sports

Netizens Split on Chinese-American Gym Champ
16-year-old adoptee Morgan Hurd prompts discussion of prowess, identity.

Kurt Suzuki has advice for Asian American kids who want to make it in the big leagues

Snowboard phenom Chloe Kim has a lot riding on the Winter Olympics  espnW

A look back at Jeremy Lin’s back-to-back ‘Sports Illustrated’ covers  The Undefeated
What Linsanity meant to Asian-Americans

Jeremy Lin: Asian Basketball Star Faces Racial Slurs   Time Magazine
“Jeremy Lin has emerged as one of the country’s élite college basketball players. Why does he still get mocked for being Asian?”

Pioneering Knick Returns to Garden  New York Times
The first Asian American NBA player, Wat Misaka


The Minority Experience

Six Postures of Minority Culture   Cru Press

Five Majority Culture Postures toward Ethnic Minority Ministries
Blog post here.   Cru Press

Preaching in a Multicultural World  Daniel L. Wong


The Issues of Race and Ethnicity in Churches

Open Letter to John Piper on White Evangelicalism and Multiethnic Relations   Raymond Chang, Christianity Today
“Lecrae, Truth’s Table, and an Asian American ministry leader”

Why Increasing Racial Diversity in Denominations Is a Math Problem  Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

Asian American church proponents like myself are not against the Multiethnic church! anonymousjlee

Helping Asian Churches Become Multi-Ethnic  Patrick Cho, 9Marks


Ministry Contextualization and Hermeneutics

4 Keys to Evangelism in Honor-Shame Cultures  Jackson Wu

Filial Piety: A Christian Perspective  ChinaSource


Asian American Ministry Degrees and Centers

Talbot School of Theology: Doctor of Ministry, Asian American Ministry

Why An Asian-American Doctor of Ministry Program? (Talbot)  Benjamin Shin

Seattle Pacific University: Master of Arts in Asian American Ministry

Fuller Seminary’s Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry

Union Presbyterian Seminary: Asian American Ministry Center


“It’s All About Mentorship”   Cory Ishida


“Leadership in Parenting” with Steven Chin


“What Kind of Mentor Should I Look For?  with Benjamin Shin


“What is unique about Asian American ministry?”  with Brent Wong and DJ Chuang


“Ethnicity Matters” with James Choung

“Asian Americans in the Church will double by 2040” –with DJ Chuang


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