Asian American Pastor: Daniel K. Eng

Grace, race, and the Kingdom of God


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Discussing Race and the Church

Why using “Segregation” to refer to the ethnic church is misleading, manipulative, and divisive.

Stop Using “Multi-cultural” when you really mean “Multi-racial.”

“Multi-Ethnic, Mostly Asian”

The Myth of Diversity: Multi-racial churches are homogeneous, and it’s great!

Multi-ethnic Ministries and Intermarriage.


Ethnic Churches

Why the double standard when judging an ethnic church?

Are ethnic churches the cause of racism?

Do Ethnic Churches Breed Ethnocentrism?

“Your Church is Not Biblical”– Ethnic-specific Ministries in America

Is being in an ethnic church “staying comfortable”?

Why Ethnic Specific Ministries?

Why Revelation 7 is a poor reason to condemn ethnic specific ministries.

Why Galatians 3:28 is a poor reason to condemn ethnic specific ministries.

Why Ethnic-Specific Ministries Exist in America, part 1.

Dynamics in Asian American Churches

Why is Mentoring So Difficult in the Asian American Church?

English Congregation: “Just an older version of youth ministry”

Working under a (Chinese) senior pastor.

Asian American Church Models

The baby and the bathwater…(or, “throwing out the whole immigrant model?”)

The Advantages and Opportunities of an Asian Immigrant Church

Ministering to Asian Americans

Doesn’t more education lead to spiritual maturity?

Interpreting the signs of the times: Asian American Ministry

What Can Spur Spiritual Growth? Being Uncomfortable.

The Value of Affirmation to Asian Americans.

Ministering to the Model Minority: Reflections on Wu’s “Yellow”

Incarnational Evangelism and Asian Americans.

Asian American Ministry Needs: Reflection from English Ministry Pastors’ Fellowship

Being both Asian and American

Mixed Feelings on Independence Day.

HYPHEN: Asian-American, the space between.

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