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Atop Mount Sinai.

Hello and welcome! I use this space to share thoughts about pastoral ministry and churches, especially in the context of Asian Americans. I’ll also sometimes post about social issues, being a pastor, and thoughts on Scripture.


I’m a husband and a dad, and I live in Cambridge, United Kingdom. I’m currently a Ph.D. candidate in New Testament at the University of Cambridge, and I am a resident reader at Tyndale House. I have previously been an adjunct instructor Biola University in Biblical Studies. 

I have been in pastoral ministry for the better part of ten years, on the pastoral staff teams of Evergreen Baptist Church of San Gabriel Valley (La Puente, CA) and Austin Chinese Church (Austin, TX). Much of my experience has come from Asian American ministry settings.

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and I still cheer for my hometown Knicks, Giants, and Yankees. To me, pizza should be big and thin enough to fold while eating. Bagels should be big enough to use as tires on a Honda Fit. The stench of the subway makes me feel at home.

I am a Boston College alumnus (Go Eagles!) and I did my seminary training at Talbot School of Theology, most recently finishing a Doctor of Ministry in Asian American Ministry. 

My wife Sanjung and I have three beautiful little girls, and we are enjoying our time in England. As I pursue a place in academia, I seek to continue serving Asian American churches and ministries. 

I enjoy reading, watching sports, hunting for bargains, and trying recipes. My wife and I totally enjoy a good board game together.

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