In preparation for the Asian American Ministry Conference (you can register at, AACE is releasing a series of short videos featuring some of the breakout session speakers. Clark Fobes, the Youth Pastor at Sunset Church in San Francisco, answers the question, “Why is mentoring so difficult in the Asian American church?

You can watch the video here:

Clark does a great job of pointing out that our culture often hinders us from having good mentoring relationships. For many Asian Americans, we often grow up with parents who have been absent, both physically and relationally, because of how hard they’ve worked. A pattern of absenteeism is developed that perpetuates through the generations. It seems rare to see an immigrant Asian dad really invest relationally in his children. Perhaps mentorship was never really modeled to them.

I believe this generation of young Asian Americans is hungering for role models in the church. Can we raise up leaders who will invest in them and guide them?

What has been your experience with mentoring? Why do you think it’s so hard among Asian Americans in the church?