Photo by jesstherese. Used under Creative Commons license.
Photo by jesstherese. Used under Creative Commons license.












Is there a “silver bullet” that guarantees that people will grow spiritually?

Lately, God has been encouraging me to investigate what brings people to spiritual maturity. What factors or influences cause people to grow? I’m hoping this will help inform our ministry model as we’re more focused on a purpose and vision.

As I discuss this with people, I ask questions like “What caused you to grow?” or “What factors were formative in your spiritual life?”

Whenever we hear churchgoers tell their story of faith, it often follows a similar formula: They grew up attending church, or they always knew God existed.  But something happened. It wasn’t until _______ that I started to have a relationship with God.

If we can look at the “_________s” and determine the trends between them, this can really serve our ministry. What are major factors that contribute to growth? What influences spiritual maturity?

I openly wonder if we need to re-think our ministry model. If I can answer this question, it will point us in the right direction. We want to create environments where young people are in positions to grow spiritually. We want to plant in the right places and the right ways, so that God will do the growth.

I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.  1 Corinthians 3:6

Yes, God does the growing. But if Paul planted and Apollos watered, I want to know what this looks like for our ministry.

What has influenced spiritual growth in your life? What factors led to spiritual maturity?