This past weekend, I had a very blessed time at the English Congregation Retreat for Austin Chinese Church.  My mentor pastor, Cory Ishida, had some very encouraging and convicting messages for our church congregation (more on Pastor Cory in another post).

One topic that Pastor Cory frequently talks about is raising a family. And this retreat, he took some time to address marriage, family, and parenting. Many of our attendees were very blessed and inspired by Pastor Cory’s words regarding God’s design for the family.

I heard a couple of comments that this was very refreshing, because often in Chinese churches we don’t discuss family issues enough. It’s become a private matter, and people don’t like airing their dirty laundry or sharing their struggles with parenting or marriage.

But if our Chinese-American and other Asian American churches are going to be places of redemption and encouragement for godly marriages and families, shouldn’t we talk about these topics more often? Wouldn’t we, as a body of Christ, help to strengthen marriages and parent-child relationships? Wouldn’t it reduce the number of painful and shameful divorces, and reduce the number of churched kids renouncing their faith later in life?  Just food for thought today.