Thanks to Danny Yang and the Next Gener.Asian Church blog for this reminder.

Almost three decades after Vincent Chin, I am saddened that we are still hearing about violence against Asian-Americans. As much as we think we’ve progressed, we have not.

2 Teenagers Are Accused of Killing Sleeping Man

Walking down a street in Flushing, Queens, long after the lights had come up on the Friday-night movie they had gone to see, a group of teenagers spotted a double-parked Lexus sport utility vehicle with a man asleep inside. The authorities said they hatched a plan to break into the S.U.V., put the man — a marketing executive for a Chinese-language newspaper — in a chokehold and steal his cash and car.

It was not the first time the youths had preyed on Asian men in Flushing, the authorities said, but this time it was more than robbery.

Mr. Levy and Mr. Azor were charged with second-degree murder, robbery and possession of stolen property.The three were also charged in the May 27 robbery of Jin Ton Yuan, 42, on Ash Avenue, in Flushing. The authorities said that the three followed Mr. Yuan into an elevator and that Mr. Wilthshire grabbed him from behind and placed him in a chokehold while Mr. Levy held a silver pistol to his head.

We must continue to pray for God to heal this land, brothers and sisters. And continue to educate people that race-motivated violence and prejudice still exists.