With Asian-Americans increasing in both political  influence and voter clout, there continues to be a great need for reaching these same Asian-Americans with the gospel. Are our churches equipped to relevantly and meaningfully minister to this generation? Have we kept up with the pace? What are we doing for ministry  Asian-Americans in the name of Jesus? Will this new, educated, affluent, influential generation be one that is God-fearing?

Asian-American political profile rising in US

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — When three newly elected Chinese-American city supervisors climbed on stage in Chinatown, flanked by dragon dancers and lit up by camera flashes, they were hailed for making history in a city their forebears have shaped since the Gold Rush Days.

Now their November sweep has been topped with the election of one of them, David Chiu, as president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors — the second most powerful position in local government.

It is fitting that San Francisco, which is 34 percent Asian and home of the nation’s oldest Chinatown, is leading the way on Asian-American political representation. But the country’s fastest growing minority group also is reaching new heights on the state and national stage.

Experts say their newfound clout is not due to numbers alone.

The political engagement of Asian-Americans is growing. Many immigrants are earning citizenship. Community organizations are mounting voter registration drives. Ethnic media increasingly are endorsing candidates and covering political campaigns. And politicians are scoring victories, even in areas without a strong Asian electorate.