I read a brief article recently in the World Christian Fellowship newsletter reflecting on the life experience of cellist Yo-Yo Ma and how it has shaped his beliefs and values. As an individual who has been “heavily shaped by two or more cultures”, Yo-Yo Ma has developed a unique worldview that bridges people together.

Born in Paris to Chinese parents, Yo-Yo Ma has spent most of his years in America. As the three cultures created conflict in his mind, he realized that he didn’t have to choose one of them, but embraced all three. Ma found elements in each of his cultures that he appreciated, and has found a love for exploring other cultures. With his notoriety in the music world as a springboard, Ma has brought new awareness and appreciation of culture to many people. You can read the rest of the article here.

As an Asian-American, I have experienced this cultural collision that has often a created uncomfortable and conflicted self-image. But I realize that God has lovingly bestowed this background upon me, and it gives me the unique position of appreciating and connecting to both my Chinese heritage and my American culture. God has used Asian-Americans to increase awareness and build bridges between other Americans and the rest of the world.

On one hand, I know that God has shaped me to minister primarily to Asian-Americans like myself. On the other hand, the vision extends way beyond that. My desire is that we can use our position as Asian-Americans to impact the global kingdom of God.