Today was the first full day at AALC! What a blessed time. It was a good time to re-connect with friends, former ministry partners, and mentors, as well as forge new friendships among Asian-American Christian leaders.

In the morning session, Pastor David Gibbons of Newsong Church challenged us to think differently about how we do church. Some highlighted points from Pastor Dave’s message:

  • Think ‘Third Culture’.
    Our mindset should be to love and serve any culture even if it is uncomfortable or painful. Like Jesus, learn to adapt to minister to different people.
  • Love Without Strings.
    …not just to bring people to Christ.
  • Whales, Dolphins, and Minnows.
    Accept all sizes! Church does not have to be big or small. God is working everywhere. Are we collaborating? Let’s share creative resources, leadership development, and missional initiatives.
  • Develop a Rabbinical Model of Discipleship.
    Discipleship is about walking together…’come follow me.’  No quick fixes.
  • Become a Passionate Person.
    Jesus had fire in his eyes. Do we?

During small groups time, I found myself in another discussion about bilingual churches. Some more thoughts to ponder later:

  • How do we make worship a family affair? So many immigrant bilingual churches have divided up the family as people worship in the language they are most familiar with.  Does it mean we have to worship in the same service?

  • What about discussing faith in the Asian-American home?  What will it take for the family to be associated with faith? So many Asian parents are expecting the church to do the equipping and the discipling, while not talking to their children at home. Can we foster the value of a parent modeling their walk with Christ to their children?