Last week over 35 Asian-American students gathered for a special luncheon for a time of fellowship, discussion, and prayer. Sponsored by Professor Benjamin Shin and Talbot AS, our luncheon gave us a rare opportunity to promote community among the Asian-American students.

Our guest speaker, Rev. Louis Lee (above) of Ministries for English Speaking Asians came to speak about some issues in Asian-American ministry today. He also shared about the upcoming Asian-American Leadership Conference coming to Fullerton, CA in March 2008. Rev. Lee and Prof. Shin are on the planning committee of AALC.

In the second half of the luncheon Professor Ben Shin shared about the importance of discussing issues that are particular to ministering to Asian-Americans, such as bridging the gap between the generations, being an English-speaking pastor in an immigrant-led church, and differing church models. He also shared about the value of his course “The Asian Church in American Society” which he will offer in the spring. He led us in a blessed time of community and intercession, as we got to share about our ministries in groups and pray for one another.