I’ve realized that one of my main concerns in ministry to Asian-Americans is emphasizing the importance of the family in our faith.

What I’ve observed from different churches, especially on the East Coast, is a general dissatisfaction by the American-born generation with churches that are led by immigrants. My concern is that often these students and young professionals simply leave their churches for congregations that are dominated by people just like them. More on this in a future post.

Potential problems this can cause:
1) leaving a rather large void in the immigrant-led churches in the student/young adult demographic.
2) A lack of seasoned mentors for these young Asian-American Christians, as they move away from older generations. The churches they flock to often are dominated by young professionals.
3) A de-valuing of family in these new Asian-American churches. As people do not prioritize worshipping in the same service as the older generation, often their parents, are we setting forth for the future an individualized faith for our children?
4) Often I feel like some newer progressive congregations are prioritizing racial diversity over keeping the family together. More on this in the future.
5) A temptation to belittle tradition. While I feel that there is value in contemporary relevancy, I believe there needs to be humility and greater respect offered to the older generation of faith, who paved our way here.

More on this at another time. So many thoughts swirling in my head.