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Grace, race, and the Kingdom of God

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Discussing Race and the Church

Stop Using “Multi-cultural” when you really mean “Multi-racial.”

“Multi-Ethnic, Mostly Asian”

The Myth of Diversity: Multi-racial churches are homogeneous, and it’s great!

Multi-ethnic Ministries and Intermarriage.


Ethnic Churches

Why the double standard when judging an ethnic church?

Do Ethnic Churches Breed Ethnocentrism?

“Your Church is Not Biblical”– Ethnic-specific Ministries in America

Is being in an ethnic church “staying comfortable”?

Why Ethnic Specific Ministries?

Why Revelation 7 is a poor reason to condemn ethnic specific ministries.

Why Galatians 3:28 is a poor reason to condemn ethnic specific ministries.

Dynamics in Asian American Churches

Why is Mentoring So Difficult in the Asian American Church?

English Congregation: “Just an older version of youth ministry”

Working under a (Chinese) senior pastor.

Asian American Church Models

Ministering to Asian Americans

Doesn’t more education lead to spiritual maturity?

Interpreting the signs of the times: Asian American Ministry

What Can Spur Spiritual Growth? Being Uncomfortable.

The Value of Affirmation to Asian Americans.

Ministering to the Model Minority: Reflections on Wu’s “Yellow”

Incarnational Evangelism and Asian Americans.

Asian American Ministry Needs: Reflection from English Ministry Pastors’ Fellowship

Being both Asian and American

Mixed Feelings on Independence Day.

HYPHEN: Asian-American, the space between.

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